October 7, 2018
jeep wrangler transmission nv3550

The 101 on the NV3550 Jeep Wrangler Manual Transmission

Jeep Wrangler is definitely a stand-out SUV that’s been popularized both as an offroad beast and a city youth culture element. A great option for the active, and a great second funtime car for many families, the Wrangler has been catering to a steady fanbase over the years. Read on for The 101 on the NV3550 Jeep Wrangler Manual Transmission. When offroad vehicles are in the spotlight it’s not only about their engine. The Jeep Wrangler […]
September 21, 2018
car transmission

Using the Right Fluid for Your Transmission

If you are a fleet owner, enthusiast, or just care about your vehicle, it pays to keep a bottle of all the potentially refillable fluids in your garage or boot, just in case. But some of us don’t always do this, perhaps our garage is really full, or we just haven’t got around to keeping a range of refill fluids. Using the right fluid for your transmission is paramount when maintaining the health of your […]
September 7, 2018

Why Your Transmission Rebuild Should Be Dyno Tested

Even if your re-manufacturer provides a guarantee, it’s a total pain in the you-know-what if your new gearbox fails unexpectedly. A guarantee ensures that the manufacturer knows a cost-effective number of gearboxes will not fail. A dyno test, however, proves that the transmission has performed adequately under operational conditions, so there is a much smaller chance of failure before full life expectancy. The two concepts are very different. Let’s take a look at why and […]