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Should I Replace or Rebuild My Transmission?


Your transmission has a critical job, which is to transport the power from the engine to the wheels. When it begins to fail, your car begins to fail. Unfortunately, transmission repairs can often be quite costly and worse still, your transmission may be beyond repair, meaning you’ll need to replace it. That leaves you with two questions: Should I Replace or Rebuild My Transmission? Or Should I replace it entirely?

How do I know my transmission is in trouble?

Some of the more common signs of transmission trouble include:

  • Your transmission slips, causing you to feel like gears are changing without warning as you drive
  • You experience a delay in engagement after putting your car into drive
  • Your car has trouble changing gears, or you can feel that the shift between gears isn’t smooth

If you’re asking the question: “Should I Replace or Rebuild My Transmission?” then read on.

Why can’t I just repair my transmission?

In many situations, you can, and rebuilding or replacing won’t even be an issue. Still, there are some cases where a simple repair job won’t do:

  • The transmission has failed completely – There are dozens upon dozens of moving parts powering your transmission. If something breaks, there’s a strong chance you’ll need a new one.
  • The repairs are too expensive – Some repair jobs can cost thousands of dollars. It’s better to just have a new transmission installed.
  • This isn’t your first repair – If you’ve had to get your transmission fixed again and again, replacing it may be more cost-effective.

We realize we’re using the term “replace” sort of loosely here. Let’s take a look at the difference between replacing a transmission and rebuilding one.

What does it mean to rebuild a transmission?

Your repair shop will start by breaking down your transmission to its individual components and separating the good from the bad. Parts that are broken or worn out will be replaced, while those that are still functional will become part of the new transmission.

This will take some work. Your repair shop might have to order new parts, then rebuild and reinstall the transmission. However, there are a few benefits to this approach.

You’ll be able to hold onto components that still work, and the parts that you end up replacing will be substituted with brand new parts, leading to a transmission that works better than before.

What does it mean to replace a transmission?

If you decide to replace your transmission, keep in mind that you won’t really be getting a “new” transmission. New transmissions are for new cars. Your transmission is a pre-built product made according to factory specifications.

These transmissions are ready to ship and install right away, making replacing a faster option than rebuilding. However, the parts in question might be a few years older than the brand new parts you’d get if you chose to rebuild. Rebuilding is also typically a less expensive option.

Has your transmission seen better days? High Gear Transmission is here to help. We have more than 30 years re-manufacturing experience and have helped countless people get back on the road without spending too much. Contact us today to learn more.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying that rebuilding and replacing a car transmission have different meanings. I’d like to know more about car transmissions repairs because I think mine is damaged. It makes a humming sound whenever I try to shift gears.

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