Best service I could imagine!

In June of 22 I blew up my automatic transmission and decided that I was going to swap it to a manual in the swap I use a nv4500 with a few upgrades from high gear along with a south bend dual disk. When I was done I just loved how the truck went but very shortly after the truck started falling out of 4th gear I called them up and they said that they must have got a bad batch of parts and that I was not the only one this had happened to. Without any questions or anything they told me they would be building me a new transmission as soon as the part arrived and that I would be fine to continue to drive it until the new one arrived! Within 2 weeks they had sent me a new one and were very kind and helpful the whole way!! Will be recommending them to everyone I can!

Wyatt French

John Rynolds


John Rynolds
Mechanic, Texas

Bill Morris

great firm to do business with. AAAAAA Thank You!!

Bill Morris
North Carolina

Korey Eberhart

High Gear is a great company to deal with. Tyler was especially helpful with putting together a 3650 for my car. It was finished in a very timely manner and performs flawlessly. I appreciate the customer support and build quality of your transmissions. The price is very hard to beat as well with the cost of parts and labor.

Korey Eberhart

Rocky Carrell

If I could ever brag highly about a business then this is the one. First off, everyone that I spoke with on the phone had exceptional manners. I know businesses like this deal with the same issues from day to day, and it shows in their demeanor over time about how they talk to you. First of all, I was their customer, who probably had the same questions that they probably answered 100 times before me calling them for numerous days. They treated me like I was their very first customer. Excellent service!! Tyler and the other guys were the most well mannered people that I have ever spoken with. I had a small issue with a transfer case that I purchased from them, but the problem was immediately dealt with, with no hassle or problems whatsoever. There’s a lot of companies out there that take your money and leave you high and dry with their defects. Parts are parts, and sometimes there is a bad piece that can slip through security. This was simply the issue, and fortunately, I’m an old country boy that understands this. High Gear got me moving again quickly. I sincerely appreciate how they dealt with me and handled up on business. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for their service and the product I bought. I will definitely recommend High Gear to anyone!!

Rocky Carrell
Huntsville, TX

Quentin Hodge

I have been dealing with High Gear Transmissions for year and never had any problems. I just installed a NV4500 in my chevy pulling truck and no issues. Good company to deal with.

Quentin Hodge
Owner- Rag Tag Restorations, Alabama
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