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How Does an Automatic Transmission Work?
March 1, 2019
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Tips for Cleaning Your Car
April 1, 2019

While we place special attention on transmissions at High Gear, the overall maintenance of the rest of your car is important too! You most likely spend countless hours in your car every week, but how often do you really spend cleaning it each week? Increase the life of your car and the look of your ride by following a few of these simple steps. Preventative maintenance of your car is simple and easy, and it can save you a fortune on unnecessary repairs in the event that you see something malfunctioning. Read on for the top car maintenance tips.

  1. Air Filter

Every year or 12000 miles, you should change your air filter. If you don’t change it, it can lead to problems with your AC and you can end up breathing in harmful air.

  1. Fluids

There are a few fluids that you should check regularly: pull the dipstick out for an oil check, and also check your transmission fluid and power steering. Since power steering fluid rarely has to be changed, drastic changes in the level of power steering fluid may indicate a leak.

  1. Tire Pressure

This takes less than a few minutes with a proper tire pressure gauge. Make sure you are sitting around 30-32 PSI for each one of your tires. Conduct this check weekly to make sure you are running on the correct amount of air.

  1. Check Your Car Battery

Make sure to check your battery for regular leakage and mineral build up. It is also a good idea to have it checked by a professional if the low battery light comes on.

  1. Spark Plugs

If your engine is not working as well as it used to, the most common issue is old spark plugs. These can wear out easily and are often covered in buildup. Sparkplugs usually last for around 30,000 city streets miles. It’s a good idea to make sure they are looking ok every few weeks.

  1. Regular Tire Rotations

To prevent the wearing of your tires, get your tires rotated at least every 4-6 months. Non-aligned tires don’t just wear down your skids, they can also cause accidents in inclement weather. Better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Replace your Wipers and Clean the Windshield

Don’t wait till you are stuck in a torrential downpour to realize that you need new wiper blades. This can cause an unnecessary accident, which could lead to thousands of dollars in damage or worse. Cleaning your windshield can also improve visibility, which will ultimately reduce your chance of an accident.

  1. Get a Brake Check

Checking your brakes and brake pads is not just a safety issue; a proper brake system will help maintain the life of your car and keep it running in tip-top shape. Make sure to regularly check your brake fluid and have an expert take a look at your brake pads every few thousand miles. A brake system should be replaced every 2-3 years to ensure proper safety on the road.

  1. Drive Safely

Fast starts and stops can wear on the brake system and reduce gas efficiency. Save on fuel costs and the potential cost of an accident by putting your phone down, keeping your eyes on the road, starting and stopping slowly, and avoiding jerky movements.

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  1. My car’s transmission is already leaking, and that is why I’ve decided to look for a service that may fix this. Anyhow, aside from the transmission inspection, you are also right that the car’s windshield must be replaced. Thank you for sharing the perks of checking the brake fluid too.

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