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February 1, 2019
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How Does an Automatic Transmission Work?
March 1, 2019

On all four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles, a transfer case is a device that splits the power between the rear axles and front axles. Transfer cases are specialized components that is necessary for a vehicle to function; for 4x4s, each of the four wheels must be powered separately. The transfer case is the center of the drivetrain system for four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles.

A transmission transfer case also synchronizes the difference between the rotation of the rear and front wheels, and can contain one+ sets of low range gears for off-road use.

Functions of a Transfer Case

The transmission powers the transfer case and sends the power to both the rear and front axles. Some cars have an option to manually shift between transfer case options, also known as two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive modes. This is accomplished through the use of an analog or digital shifter, similar to a shifter foundtransmission transfer cases for sale in manual transmission vehicles.

How Does a Four-Wheel-Drive System Work?

The principle components of any 4-wheel-drive system are the transfer case and front and rear differentials. A vehicle has two differentials, which are located between the two rear wheel and two front wheels. A differential transfers the torque from the transmission or drive shaft to the drive wheels. The differentials also allow the right and left wheels to spin at different speeds when a vehicle goes around a turn. Since the outside wheels and front wheels follow a different path when you execute a turn, each of the wheels will be spinning at a different rate. In all wheel-drive vehicles, this speed variability is handled by the transfer case. In four-wheel drive vehicles, the speed difference between the outside and inside wheels is handled by the front and rear differentials.

Transfer Cases

This device will split the power generated by four-wheel drive between the front and rear axles. Think about the example above of completing a turn: the differentials take care of the speed difference for the inside and outside wheels. In an all-wheel-drive vehicle (AWD), the transfer case allows for a speed difference between the rear and front wheels. This AWD option can be accomplished with a center differential, viscous coupling, or another type of gearset. These components allow an AWD vehicle to drive properly on any given surface.

manual stick shift

On a part-time 4WD vehicle, the transfer case locks the front axle driveshaft to the rear axle driveshaft. This results in the wheels spinning at the same time, and requires that the tires slip when the car goes around a turn. 4WD part-time systems should not be used while on dry concrete, as it can cause extra wear on the drivetrain and wheels and will result in jerky turns; part-time 4WD systems should be used in low-traction situations such as wet roads or dirt.

Transfer Case Rebuilders Near Me

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  1. It was helpful when you explained that the transfer case’s job is to divert power between the front and rear axles when 4-wheel drive is used. My husband told me he had trouble getting into 4-wheel drive the last two times he’s tried to use his truck in the snow. I’ll encourage him to take it into an auto repair shop to see if the transfer case could be the issue!

  2. Thank you for pointing out that we shouldn’t be using 4WD part-time systems on dry concrete to avoid extra wear on the drivetrain and wheels. My husband owns a 4WD and he likes going on rides with his friends during the weekends. I didn’t know that a transfer case is such an important component in a 4WD! I would imagine that he will be needing to keep him transfer case well-maintained for a smooth ride.

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