Manual Standard Transmissions

No matter what you call your transmission, High Gear Transmission is here for you. One of the fastest growing standard shift transmission rebuilders in the United States, High Gear Transmission has over 20 years in the remanufacturing industry. Our transmissions, transfer cases and a complete line of standard transmission parts is second to none. All of our 'remans' (remanufactured transmissions) carry a generous 90 Day, 12 Month or 24 Month warranty depending on your needs.

Why choose High Gear for your transmission?

  • All units are completely cleaned and inspected
  • 100% Dyno Tester
  • New and like-new parts 100%
  • Constant quality control
  • Includes a Warranty based on your needs
  • Availability
  • Worldwide shipping

Manual Standard Transmissions For Sale