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The NV5600 was originally standard behind the high output 5.9L Cummins engine. The early NV5600 version, which was produced from 1998 midway thru 2000 is known to have synchronizer problems and a weak input shaft. In 2001, the NV5600 received an upgraded clutch, input shaft, and improved synchro design. This was in response to many issues owners had regarding these components, especially while towing heavy loads. All of our NV5600 units are completely upgraded and are backed by a warranty depending on your needs.
NV-5600 Specifications

  • NV5600 Transmission Manufacturer: New Venture Gear
  • NV5600 Transmission Production Years: 1998 – 2005 (Introduced in 1999 Model)
  • NV5600 Transmission Input Torque Rating: 550 lb-ft or 650 lb-ft (Heavy Duty, NOT used in Dodge Ram trucks)
  • NV5600 Transmission Weight: 360 lbs
  • NV5600 Transmission Oil Capacity: 9.5 pints (10 pints w/ optional filter)
  • Cast Iron Case, Aluminum Bell-housing
  • Improved version introduced in 2001; Upgraded Synchros, Clutch, & Input Shaft
Gear Ratio

  • 1st 5.63
  • 2nd 3.38
  • 3rd 2.04
  • 4th 1.39
  • 5th 1.00
  • 6th 0.73
  • Reverse 5:63
The 5 Most Common NV-5600 Manual Transmission Problems

  • Noise when accelerating, noise when decelerating
  • Difficult to shift into gear
  • Grinding when shifting into gear
  • Jumping out of gear
  • Will NOT shift from gear to gear
Noise when accelerating, noise when decelerating
Issues associated within this category are generally associated with the NV-5600 input or pocket bearing malfunction, sixth gear failing, the pilot bearing could also fail.

Difficult to shift into gear
This problem is common in the NV5600, this transmission is more like a large 18 wheeler transmission, double clutching at the right RPM’s is key to resolving this problem. Additionally you might have a Clutch hydraulics issue requiring that you replace these elements.

Grinding when shifting gears
This issue can be excessive wear of Syncro rings as well as excessive bearing wear

Jumping out of gear
This problem may be related to worn syncro rings, syncro sliders, gears and/or shaft movements caused by extreme bearing wear.

Will not shift from gear to gear
Fluid varnish build-up around the shift rail bushing exacerbates this problem. We recommend you to have regular NV-5600 transmission maintenance. NV-5600 transmission transmission fluid is extremely expensive at the dealer, call 901-278-0090 or visit HighGearTransmission.com for the best deals!
NV-5600 Diagrams